Adarsha Hindu Hotel PDF Download by Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay

Adarsha Hindu Hotel PDF Download by Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay. “Adarsha Hindu Hotel” is one of the best novels of Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay. This novel is published in 1943. This novel is not only a tremendous story but also a best motivational book for the readers. This novel is about the story of an old Bengali Brahmin man named Hajari who is the protagonist of the novel.

He is about 55 years old man who works in a hotel as a cook the owner of the hotel name is Bechu Chaudhari, in Ranaghat, at the station. He leads his family with a great property. His salary is only 7 taka for 7 years. So this is one of the best and good novel for every readers and it can be said that is just a number and this cannot be the obstacle of anyone’s success.

The main characters of the novel are Hazari, kusuma and poor familiar lady who is considered as a daughter of Hajari, padmo Jhi a notorious middle-aged women, has a great influence over the owner of the hotel and always chides and insults Hazari.

Most of the time she steals food from hotel. Cheats customers in many ways and always try to to find new idea how to insult Hazari but being a cook he can’t protest against her this type of behaviors.

At the beginning of the novel the readers will find that Hazari is insulted by Padma Jhi in many ways even she doesn’t provide him food properly, the salary is too small but he works in the hotel all day and night even he cann’t get proper rest.

Hazari loves kusum a lot as his daughter. Sometimes he brings a very little food for kusum from his food. The heinous minded women, Padma indicates the relationship between kusum falsely. Hazari once visits his own village he meets Atasi a rich girl who respects Hajari as his father. She wants to give him money for opening new hotel of Hajari.

Hazari has a dream that once he will open his own hotel and he will provide the best food for the customers. But he needs 200 taka. Hearing this Atasi as well as kusum want to give him money. One day, the accessories of hotels are stolen and Hajari is attested for this.

Later, he is released from jail but he loses his job. Being jobless he takes loan from kusum and Atasi for starting a new hotel of his on the railway station in Ranaghat. In his new hotel, he provides his best dedication and hard work. The two dishonest hotel owner almost lost their hotel business and the hotel are about shut down. Hajari also gets the tender of government hotel of the station. He gets his tender only for his honesty and sincerity. He achieves success with in a year.

┬áBy losing hotel business of the two men Becu Chaudhari and Jadu Banerjee search job in Hajari’s hotel. He also gives job the notorious lady Padma Jhi who once gives him false accusation of stealing.

At last, he gets a big and honorable job in Bombay at the salary of 150 taka. So this novel can be said as a best motivational book ever and also a highly recommended book for literature lover.

Adarsha Hindu Hotel PDF Download

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