Ar Koto Din PDF Download by Zahir Raihan

Ar Koto Din PDF Download by Zahir Raihan. “Ar Kotodin Din” novel is written by famous writer Zahir Raihan. The book is published by Anupam Prokasani. The page number of the book is 28. In spite of being a small book, it deals in deep subject matter. The writer of the book tries to portray the partial picture of the nationalism, religion, color, social class of that time.

Everybody of a family conceal themselves for saving from the killer. They stay in a dark place. They are silent . Suddenly, an woman comes to the house, Burima. She knocks on the door. But they think the killers come to the house to kill themselves.

One time Burima brings to them in her house for giving them shelter. Three sons and one daughter of Burima become annoyed on her. But Burima understands them that her own son’s security. If she does not take shelter, her son will dies by coincidence.

Burima takes them on the stairs and hides them in a box house. In a small place they sit in the box house. Burima thinks also her son Topu that what is his condition. In this situation, Topu ran away from the killers. He goes to Iva’s house and sees that without Iva all the members of family are killed.

Then he leaves the house with Iva. On the way, they turn off the light so that they can flee away from the place easily. They take shelter in a religious person’s house. The killers attack on the house. But the religious man assures them that there is no other man for saving them. In the small room they express their love to each other. They see a dream about their future family.

In the box house, there has nineteen people. There also takes shelter a pregnant woman. The next day when Burima gives them food, they take the food very hungrily. But they cannot stand up. They walk as if they are four legs animals. In this time, the killer attack on the house.

But Burima assures that there is no any people. They also take shelter on the box house. They becomes silent for Saving theirs life. The killers find no any people of the house. In this situation, the pregnant woman feels pain for realizing baby from her body.

The baby is born. But we are knowing that after borning baby, it cries. But for Saving life, the of the baby kills the baby. After sometimes, the mother of the baby also dies. When the killers leave the house, the father of the baby start crying.

Topu’s death news comes to the house. The other members of the house without Burima want to kill them. For giving them shelter, Topu is Killed they thinks so. Then, Topu and Iva come back Topu’s house. When the door is Opened the see that everyone’s hand is splash with blood.

Topu and Iva become fear to see that situation. Then Iva runs away from the house. To catch up Iva, Topu runs before Iva. At last, they do not come back the house. They walk with other other people who are losing their relatives and house. This is a eternal novel of the writer. He expresses his feelings through a little word. Everyone should read “Ar koto Din”

Ar Koto Din PDF Download

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