Aparajito PDF Download by Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay

Aparajito PDF Download by Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay. “Aparajito” is the second or last part of the novel “Pother Panchali” written by Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay. The story begins when the Pather Panchali is end. If we want to know about the full life story of Apu, the protagonist of this novel, we have to read both two part of the novel.

The famous film maker Satyajit Roy makes film of both novel Pather panchali and Aparajito. Both novels are translated in English and other language. In Bengali literature Aparajito is a famous novel and the story of novel is used to make the famous film “Apur Sangsar”.

Pather panchali is end when Harihar and sarbojoya leave there village Nischindipur for better life. After a short period Harihar dies. After the departure of Harihar Apu and sarbojoya come in the house of Leela. Sarvodaya works as a cook in the house.

Apu lives with his mother and reads in local school. The relationship between Apu and Leela develop as a good friend.They talk about many thing and give company to each other. In this house Sarbojaglya canno’t match. So she decides to return their house in Nischindipur.

After returning village where Apu starts to puja as a venerator because he is the son of Harihar a Brahmin. In the village Apu takes puja as his profession. His mother wishes that Apu will live here with her. Apu passes his secondary examination and decides to go to Kolkata and wants to admit a famous college.

Then comes in Kolkata and leaves his mother in village alone. He admits in Kolkata Ripon College. In Kolkata he runs his studies doing tuition. Sometimes he visits her mother and gives little amount of money. Once Sarbojoya dies of fever. Apu becomes alon but he has a good friendship with Leela.

Leela loves Apu that he can feel, also he can feel passion for Leela but he never says anything to her. Once she marries a man and they become separate from each other.

One day, Apu visits with his friend’s house in the marriage ceremony of friend’s sister. After a short period it is discover that the groom is an insane so the marriage is broken. Then the family member choose Apu as a groom. Apu also agrees.

That night Apu marries his friend’s sister name “Aparna”a beautiful good looking young lady with beautiful heart. He brings Aparna in Kolkata and takes a job. This time he feels that he is the happiest man in the world. Love, dedication, sacrifices make their conjugal life happy. Suddenly Aparna conceives and Apu brings her in her father’s house.

After some months, he hears a shocking news that Apurna is dead while giving birth baby. He feels so sad of losing her that even he doesn’t visit to see his own child.

Forgetting everything about wife and child he starts to travel one place to another place, all the memorable places in his life. After few years, he feels for her own child and visits to see in his father- in- laws house.

For the first time he meets his own son named kajol and brings kajol with him in Kolkata. In this year’s kajol is raised by his grandmother. Later Kajal is kept with one of the relatives and Apurbo decides to go a new job far from Kolkata and that is the end of this story.

So the story is all about the life of the innocent boy Apurbo Roy and becoming boy to man. To his born to his rest of life, his sorrow, sufferings, love, separation, happiness etc. The description style of this novel will enrich readers mind as well as taste of a good classic novel. Bengali literature lover will like this novel a lot.

Aparajito PDF Download

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