Bishad Sindhu PDF Download by Mir Mosharraf Hossain

Bishad Sindhu PDF Download by Mir Mosharraf Hossain. Bishad Sindhu is a historical novel of Mir Mosharraf Hossain which based on Islam. He wrote the story about the war of Karbala. This book is written in poetic language and present it in a dramatic way. This novel is all about Islamic struggle & people.

Let’s discuss some important information about the novel

Book Name : Bishad Shindhu

Bengali Name : বিষাদ সিন্ধু

Author : Mir Mosharraf Hossain

Genre : Historical Novel

Language : Bengali

Publish in : 1891

Publisher : Afsar Brothers

Pages : 323

Now know about characters of the novel

a) Hasan Ibne Ali

b) Hossain Ibne Ali

c) Zainab

d) Ezid

e) Jayeda

f) Maimuna & many unknown characters.

Story in Brief

The story of Bishad Sindhu is about our prophet Hazrat Mohammad(sm)’s grandsons Hasan and Hosain. All we know that angel Zibrail brought message to our prophet from Allah. Based on his message he predicted  about his grandsons death & it’s truly happened in future.

The main character of this story is Zainab. The story roaming around her. Zainab was a very beautiful women. Ezid the son of Mabia who saw her & fall in love. But she was married & her husband was very greedy. So Ezid used him to get Zainab. When her Husband left her she got married with Hasan.

She was his second wife. Zainab was the reason of the war of Karbala. Ezid can do anything to achieve her. Ezid’s obstinacy to get Zainab makes the novel more interesting. On the other hand Hasan’s first wife Jayeda never accept her as her husband wife. So she gives poison to killed Hasan enforcement of Maimuna.

After Hasan’s death Ezid took her with him. Many readers compared this incident with Sitaharan at Ramayan. Hasan & his brother Hossain was very gentle & honest. They were not only brave but also soft hearted Jayeda killed Hasan but they make the will Hossain forgave her.

After that the Karbala’s war began to save Zainab. As We know Hossain loves his brother so he participated in the war. When this things are happened Zainab blamed herself. She thinks that if she became ready to marry Ezid this things will not happen.

During this war Hossain also dead. In this novel the writer describe Zainab as the main reason of Karbala’s war. But many writers told that the war was happened because of kingdom. After reading the book many writers and readers gave their opinion but the book become famous because the writer present it in a very tragic way. That satisfied everyone.

Bishad Sindhu PDF Download

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