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The book Mohapurush is a play by popular fiction writer and novelist Humayun Ahmed Sir. We all love to read Humayun Ahmed Sir’s books. Like Humayun Ahmed’s books, we are often happy and sometimes we have trouble reading books. Humayun Ahmed Sir’s storytelling style and use of his sense of humor make his writings much more beautiful so the readers get a lot of pleasure from reading. One such book is “The Great Man”.

By reading this book, you will be able to get an idea about yourself and the other person inside you. For those who do not have a hard copy of the book, we have PDFs of various books on our website. Those who have not read this book yet, please visit our website and read the book.

The book “Mohapurusha” is also very popular among some of Humayun Ahmed Sir’s extraordinary creations. The book is published by Jnankosh Prakashani. The total number of pages in the book is 72. The book was first published in September 1986 and the tenth edition of the book was published in January 2015. The printed price of the book in the current market is 100 taka. This story is kind of a little naive. But by reading it we can know about the people inside us.

These great men have said as many words as there are words in the world, and many guiding words. In this story we see 3 people, a beggar, a man in a white sheet, and Ramiz. In this story, a man wearing a white sheet is caught as a great man. We see in the story that a beggar was singing and begging. He said that if he gave one taka, Allah would give him back 10 taka in the hereafter. After hearing that, is it really possible to get 10 rupees as a great man?

Once the beggar started singing, the man in the white sheet also started singing and the beggar was surprised to see him because his actions were a bit unusual. He presents himself as a great man. He said that in every age he came to earth and did good to all. He once said that life should spread its vast arms and make everyone’s life full of joy and also said to love everyone and stand by everyone’s side.

Humayun Ahmed, while presenting the play, sang a song ‘Aguner Parashamani Chhoyao Prane’. In fact, in this story, Sir means that there is someone inside us who is always showing us the right path and he can wake up many times and change everything if he wants. By reading the whole book, we can gain a deeper idea about many things.

The content of this play is very simple. Humayun Ahmed wants to convey something very deep through simple subject matter in this story. We think great men have just heard our words but we don’t think about how important their words are in our lives and how smooth our way is. The author wanted to give us some ideas like this through this book so I think at least once You should download the free pdf of the book from our website without wasting time, hopefully you will like it a lot.

Mohapurush PDF

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