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Bohubrihi PDF Download Free by Humayun Ahmed. Bohubrihi was one of the most popular drama series of Btv. It is the same named book is an adaptation from the drama serial which is an extremely rare case for the creator. Humayun Ahmed said that at first we write down the drama or movies story. Then we make the film or drama. But Bohubrihi is exceptional. Because at first i made the drama then i wrote down the novel.

 Let’s  discuss some important information about the novel

 Book name : Bohubrihi

Author : Humayun Ahmed

Genre : Novel

Language : Bengali

Publish : in 1990

Publisher : Afsar Brothers

Pages : 192

Now discuss the major characters of the novel

a) Mr.Sobhan

b) Minu

c) Bilu

d) Mili

e) Anis

f) Togor

g) Nisha

h) Farid

i) Emdad Khondokar

j) Kader

k) Rahima’s Mother & many more.

Story in brief

Bohubrihi means the multiple dimension of anything & here it means the mystery of life. It such a funny book written by Humayun Ahmed.

The story started with Mr. Sobhan who is a retired lawyer & his family. His house name Niribili. He lives there with his wife Minu, two daughters Bilu & Mili & his brother in law Farid. Farid is very insouciant. He didn’t do any work. He passes his time by watching tv or gossiping with servant Kader. He wants to make movie.

Mr. Anis is the leaseholder at Mr. Sobhan’s house. He is a widower. He has two daughters Togor & Nisha. They are very close to Bilu & they are used to call her ma. That’s why Bilu feel weak for Anis & they got married. Monsur is a doctor, recently he passed medical & he started sitting at a pharmacy named green pharmacy.

One day Mili go there & from that day Monsur  started come to there house. Emdad Khondokar came to Sobhan’s house, he belongs to the same village of him. He is very clever. He wants to get marry her grand child with doctor Monsur. But he failed because Monsur likes Mili & they got married.

One day Emdad Khondokar passes some bad comments about the freedom fighters. Every one of Mr.Sobhan’s family got angry with him & wanted to teach him a lesson. So Farid mama brought three parakeet & set a tape recorder. Then he record a line that you are a war criminal to learn the parakeet.

But two of them died but one is alive & it said the same line to Emdad Khondokar. So that he could realize his mistake. After that incidents Farid decided that he will not make any romantic movie rather he will make Liberation War based movie. All this things make the novel outstanding.

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