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29+ Misir Ali PDF Download Free | Humayun Ahmed Misir Ali PDF. In the world of Bangla literature Misir Ali is one of the most famous character that is played a vital role is Bangladeshi literature. Misir Ali is a fictional character created by A Bangladeshi author named Humayun Ahmed. Humayun Ahmed is a well-known writer.

He was a novelist, a lyricist, film and drama director. But mainly he was a chemistry professor in Dhaka University. Misir Ali is one of his best creation just like Himu. Some people say Misir Ali is a reflection of his own. We have been seeing Missy Ali in novels, plays and films for the last 3 decades.

In the books, Misir Ali is a part-time psychology professor at the Dhaka University. Later he was expelled from the University. We can’t find any relatives or family members in the books. He was a lonely, unmarried person who is always busy thinking about mysteries.

He used to try solve super natural mysteries and used his logic. Though he is not a professional psychiatrist, people from different places come to him for psychiatric treatment because he has a special interest and on parapsychology. Misir Ali is an intelligent man.

Though he is often seen solving mysteries, he never accepted any money for them. MIsir Ali is a logical person and do not believe in paranormal activities. He has a diary where he usually writes about the mysteries he can’t solve and he named the dairy as ‘Misir Ali Unsolved’.

He usually lives in a small flat with a servant. Most of the time it is seen that the servants have been running away by stealing his money. There is a little confusion about his age> in one book we can see that his age is 41 and, in another book, he is 51 years old.

It is mentioned in only one book that he has a nephew named Amita. He lost his mother when he was only 2 years old and he was in class five his father also died. He grew up in his relative’s house. He is a chain smoker but almost in every story he tries to give up this habit. Though he is an unmarried person, he was seen in ‘Onnovubon’ that he married to Nilu, who was one of his students from the University.

Anam Biswash Made a film on Misir Ali, adapted from the first book of the series ‘Devi’ in October, 2018. Chanchal Chowdhury casted as Misir Ali And Jaya Ahmed as Ranu in the film. The movie has received widely positive reviews from fans and critics.

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