Kobor Natok PDF Download by Munir Chowdhury

Kobor Natok PDF Download by Munir Chowdhury. Kobor natok is one kind of classical drama fiction written by Munir Chowdhury. A Detenu Ronesh Dasgupta requested him to write a play for presenting it on 21st February. It’s an everlasting creation of Munir Chowdhury.

Now discuss some important information about the drama :

Name : Kobor Natok

Author : Munir Chowdhury

Genre : Fiction

Category : Drama

Language : Bengali

Publish in : 1966

Publisher : Ahmed Publication

Pages : 16

Let’s discuss the characters of this drama :

  1. a) Hafiz
  2. b) A leader
  3. c) Murda Fakir

Story in Brief

Kobor Natok is based on language movement. Here the writer describe the crisis in the fictional world of a graveyard. Murda Fakir is an emotivism habitant. He can talk with the dead bodies.

He also lobbied the language martyrs to come back & fight for the independence of the country. This time they have no fear of death. They have to fight just as the language movement.

That time the martyrs fight for the language & taken Bengal way. They can also snatch away the flag of independent from the bleeder. This is the real consummation of this play.

Kobor Natok PDF Download

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