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Jogajog PDF Download by Rabindranath Tagore. “Jogajog” is one of the remarkable Novel by Rabindranath Tagore. This novel is very significant in this way that talks about triangular human relationships and as well as the aristocrat family. The plot of this novel is about two landlord family. First one is aristocrat but recently their fame of landlord family is declining.

Biprodas and his only sister named kumudini are the members of the family. The other one family is the symbol of aristocracy, arrogance, fame of properties. Madhusudan is the landlord of Ghola’s family. Kumudini is very loving and adorable sister of Biprodas.

Shamsundari is also a significant female character in this novel. There are some major themes in this novel are the the blood relationship between sister and brother, relationship between husband and wife and also an extra marital affair between Madhusudan and Shamsundari and Kumudini stands between two families.

At the beginning of the novel, we can get a complete relationship of Biprodas and Kumudini. Biprodas is never married because of her sister. He loves her a lot as well as he can do anything for her sister. On the other hand she is also devoted and loving sister of brother’s.

She is not only love her brother but also can devote her life for her brother. After that, Madhusudan sends a marriage proposal for kumudini. Kumudini is married off Madhusudan. Kumudini always seems husband as a god, who deserves worship and respect.

When she starts to live with Madhusudan, her illusion turns into disillusion. Madhusudan’s arrogant, pride etc. appear as a cruelty or inhuman to her. Madhusudan fails to achieve the heart of his wife. On the other hand, she is getting stay away from her husband. Her only tension and anxiety for her brother Biprodas. Her all attention is about her brother not her husband.

Suddenly Biprodas lend some money from Madhusudan. After lending money from Madhusudhanan, he always tells about Biprodas to kumudin. For this reason kumudini feels sad and starts to hate her husband Madhusudan. Madhusudan has a lot of money and power for this he tries to dominate kumudini. But kumudini is not caught by her husband. Then Madhusudan devotes himself towards his wife and begs her for love and her heart but kumudini refuses her husband and can’t accept her husband truly.

In this situation, kumudini’s the brother in laws wife Shundory tries to catch attention of Madhusudan and took an intention to divide husband and wife. Actually she is the wife of Madhusudan’s dead elder brother’s wife a widow woman. She in love with Madhusudan and tries to fulfill her bad intention. So she wants to catch up Madhusudan’s attention. By neglecting wife he can’t put full attention to Kumudini.

Day by day they become far from each other. Even Shamsundari always find opportunity to be nearest of Madhusudan. At last Madhusudan gets attached to Sham and becomes greed for physical live with Shamsundari.

For this situation kumudini notices her husband will a legal and extra marital affairs of her husband and take a big decision to leave her husband. She leaves her husband house and goes to brother’s house. Then she discovers that she is pregnant. In spite of being unwillingness, she has to return her husband house for child.

So it can be said that, this novel is a novel about class distinction as well as the complexity of men and women relationships. As a good book every book lover should read this remarkable novel “Jogajog”.

Jogajog PDF Download

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