Anil Bagchir Ekdin PDF Download by Humayun Ahmed

Anil Bagchir Ekdin PDF Download Free by Humayun Ahmed. Anil Bagchir Ekdin is a great fiction based on liberation war of Bangladesh in1971. In this novel Humayun Ahmed did an amazing literary works.  A movie also made on the basis of this story Anil Bagchir Ekdin. After Humayun Ahmed’s death it is the 1st cinematography which made on his story.

Let’s learn some important information about the novel

Novel name : Anil Bagchir Ekdin

Bengali name : অনিল বাগচীর একদিন

Genre: Novel

Language : Bengali

Author : Humayun Ahmed

1st Published : February in1992

Publisher : Shikha Prakashani (30 April,2004)

Category : political & liberation war based novel

Pages: 63

Now we are gonna discuss the main characters of the novel

a) Anil Bagchi

b) Suresh

c) Atoshi

d) Gofur & many more

Story in brief

Anil is the main character of this novel. He is a chicken-livered person with 26 years old. He works at Dhaka & lives in a mess. It was the time of Liberation War. One day he got a letter from his village.

There he got the news that Pakistani Military’s killed his father. That’s why his sister Atoshi now stay in head masters house. After getting this news he took leave from his office & go on towards his village by bus. That time the Pakistani military’s  tortured  the common people a lot specially the Hindus.

When Anil was in bus Pakistani military’s stop the bus for check in & take him with them. When they try to shoot him that time the chicken-livered man become so brave. He doesn’t afraid. This thing give a new inflexion to the novel.

Anil Bagchir Ekdin PDF Download

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