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The Black Cat Bangla PDF Download by Edgar Allan Poe

The Black Cat PDF Download by Edgar Allan Poe. The Black Cat is one of Edgar Allan Poe‘s most famous Short stories. He is best known for it’s horror fiction. His tales of mystery & horror initiated the modern detective story. His creative talent earning him the nickname “Father of the Detective Story.” Black Cat is one of his creation. Here he present a black cat who become evil & take revenge of it’s death.

Let’s know some crucial information about the fiction :

Book Name : The Black Cat

Author : Edgar Allan Poe

Genre : Horror Fiction

Published in : 19 august 1843

Publisher: United States Saturday Post

Now get the characters

  1. a) A narrator
  2. b) Narrator’s Wife
  3. c) Pluto named of a black cat

Story in Brief

This story presented a man who is the narrator of the story and it was his real life experience.

The narrator told that he loves animals from his childhood. He has different types of animals like dog, birds, gold fish & a cat. He always take care of them. He got married in an early age and luckily his wife also love animals.

As we know they have many animals but the narrator mainly close to the cat named Pluto. He is fully black in colour. He & his wife loves him a lot. It was very intelligent. It follows them everywhere. Many people told them that  black  cats are sign of evil things.

But looking at Pluto & it’s behavior they never give any important to them. During those years the narrator get change in himself because of drinking. He was addicted & become rude & selfish. He often angry about unimportant things.

Sometimes it makes him to beat his wife. Now he doesn’t love the animals including Pluto. Because of his behavior Pluto maintains distance from him. It makes him angry & a dark night he came to home fully drunk & saw that Pluto wasn’t come to him.

He become angry and caught the cat with it’s neck & cut it’s one eye with a knife. The next morning he realize his mistake that he did such a cruel thing. But his drinking habit finished  his guilt. Slowly Pluto got well but there was an ugly hole where the eye once was.

Pluto didn’t love him anymore. It makes him more angry & one night he caught the cat hung him a tree until it’s death. He understand that he did an evil things but he can’t stop him to do so. That night he suddenly woke up & saw there was fire everywhere. He & his wife save their life.

After the incident he noticed a black shape of a cat on a new plaster wall. It makes him afraid. After that day he saw nightmare. Then he accept his guilt & started to find a cat like Pluto. One night he found a cat as like as Pluto but it has a white mark on it’s chest. He console the cat & it follow him in the way of home.

The next morning he saw a hole on it’s eye and it’s makes him to hate the cat. Some days later his wife told him that the mark of the cat slowly changing. At first he doesn’t believe her but he noticed it too & the mark look like a gallows. He got afraid.

One morning he & his wife went to the garden for cutting woods so the cat also followed them. Suddenly the narrator falling down for cat & become angry so he tried to cut the cat with the axe but his wife stopped him it makes him more angry so he hits his wife on the head & she died.

So he hide his wife body in walls of the cellar & plaster it by himself. He also wants to kill the cat but he couldn’t find it. Two, three days passed the neighbors asked him about his wife & he answered them smartly. One day police came to his home & searching his house but they can’t get anything.

Suddenly they heard a long scream of pain and horror from the wall they break it & saw there was his wife with dried blood & a huge black cat with red mouth & it’s one gold eye shining like a fire. The narrator  realize that his wife was dead because of the cat & now it’s evil voice send him to the gallows.

The end of story will make the reader confused & shocked that how the cat go there is it the ghost of that cat. This all things create a horror environment in the readers mind.

The Black Cat PDF Download

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