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Golpo Guccho PDF Download by Rabindranath Tagore

Golpo Guccho PDF Download by Rabindranath Tagore. “Golpo Guccho” is the short story collection of Rabindranath Tagore. This book collection contains 95 short stories of Rabindranath Tagore. The most popular short story collection of this book in Bengali literature. Most of the story are used to make drama, film and different types of series.

Golpo Guccho is more popular than the novels of Rabindranath Tagore. We can’t get a single reader who never reads Golpo Guccho. First this book was published by four parts by “Indian publishing House” and later the four parts become 1 book named “Golpo Guccho”.

This book is called the most popular short story in Bengali literature ever. The most popular stories of this book are “Ak Ratri, Babodhan, postmaster, Ginni, RobiBar, khokababur prattabartan, Laboratory, Hoimonty, Mahamaya, Chutti, Ghater Katha, Otithi, Nashta Nir, Mallodan, Subha, Kabuliwala, Istrir patro, Fail etc. This book is also translated in English language.

The writer Rabindranath Tagore himself described about his short stories that when the reader finishes story they I will be satisfied but it seems that the story is not end there is something which is untold. At the end of the book he writes a poem about his stories saying a poem that “sesh hoyaeo hoilo na sesh”.

Stories are about the common people and their common life events,their happiness,sorrow, love, marriage,  joys, way of life, death, philosophy of life, history etc. Rabindranath Tagore  obviously a  master of story teller who describes even a little things, his imagination of life, description style, allegorical elements, character designing, irony of life are completely evergreen.

A story is about different customs of society like early marriage, widow marriage, the negative consequence of dowry system,love, property etc the daily life of human being. His stories are so unique than any other Bengali writer. Every story is different and unique story and characters. I seems that we are so familiar with those characters of stories. There are some super natural stories in Golpo Guccho like Nishichini, Sampatti Samorpan, kangkal etc.

Human Emotion, passion, cowardness, desire, greedyness etc are described in those stories such an incredible way that the reader’s cann’t help to be surprised. The story “Hoimonty” is about the consequence of dowry system in society as well as early marriage. “kangkal” the story expresses the woman psychology , desire for love, imagination etc. “Khokababur prattabartan” the story is the arguments of human superstition.

“Strier patro” is about the revolt of a woman who raises her voice against the operation and violation of male on women. “Ak Ratri” this story talks about the love, passion and separation. “Gather Kotha” is about the autobiographical description of a road or mahakal or the human life. “Nishithine” is a supernatural story where we can find some supernatural elements.

Every story is different from other stories and separate theme, idea tone and imagination. There are some historical story based stories like Musalmanir Golpo, Mallodan. Samapti the story is about an innocent girl and her psychological transformation from girl to a woman.

“Chuti” the story is the description of child psychology and their imagination, love for mother and motherland. So it can be said that every single story has its own uniqueness and greatness and every literature lover should read this book as well as they can observe the greatest stories of Bengali literature and also this book is a highly recommended books for every literature lover.

Golpo Guccho PDF Download

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