Surjo Tumi Sathi Novel Review

“Surjo Tumi Sathi” is written by Bangladeshi poet,novelist, journalist and intellectual writer Ahmod Chofa. The book is published in 1967.

Ahmod Chofa dedicated the book to Dr Mofizzuddin Ali Muhammad Chowdhury. Student Wage Prokasani published the book. The written price of the book is 150 taka. “Surjo Tumi Sathi” is a social novel.

The novel starts in the season of summer. Hashim is the protagonist of the novel. Most of the people of the village scolds him for his lower class position.

When he comes back from work, he is informed that there is no any food in home. He quarrels with his wife and goes out for borrowing some rice.

When he reaches a tea stall, he is booked for singing song with a competetor at night. He gets two taka for singing. After singing he comes back his house with his neighbour Johora, a young lady whose husband is died.

He changes his proffession and cut off his leg. After fourteen day, he feels well. His wife Sufia goes to Kholu Matubbor’s house for borrowing rice. But she doesn’t get any rice without scolding.

Once upon a time, Hashim’s father Horimoohon changed his religion for marring a muslim girl. But Horimohon is cheated by his would be father-in-law. In later,he and his son Hashim is scolded by the villagers.

Kholu Matubbor, Kana Afjal, Odhorbabu are the upper class people. Johora is the nephew of Kholu Matubbor. He forcefully belongs to son-in-law’s land(kabir). One day Kholu and his son make the land for planting rice. Kabir’s father forbids them to plant rice.

For this reason, kabir’s father is killed by an ox. Kabir’s cousin take action for Killing his uncle’s death against Kholu Matubbor’s nephew. The two village gets ready to fight.

They start fighting and Chodu, an strongest villager,becomes injured and he would be die. After some days Chodu died of.

Hashim becomes the member of a team. The team main purpose is to help the poor people . After some days, a pandemic goes through the village. Many people dies. Nobody come to burries them.

As a member of the team,Hashim comes to the death peoples house. After fifteen day,Hashim comes back his house. He observes that Kholu Matubbor and the opponent group Leader Kadir become friend each other.

But, kholu Matubbor’s nephew Johora losses her virginity for compensate the fighting case. For this reason, Johora becomes pregnant . The villagers scold her for conceiving a child in her womb in a bad way.

One night, Hasim’s wife gives out a child and dies by. The team leader wants to get the child for bringing up the child. But Hashim grandmother does not gives the child. One day, Odhor Babu brings up Hashim’s grandmother.

One day Hashim notices that Johora feeds the child with her breast. Actually Hashim likes her. One day Hashim gives her child to the team leader’s wife. Johora also tolerates many scold for her life and pregnancy.

Hashim offers her to flee with him and they will start a new life. Hashim looks about the life very deeply. But he finds no meaning of life in the village. Power and honour belongs to themselves who has money.

At last, Hasim and Johora leaves the village for good. The writer depicts the time of writing very excellently. To know the picture of the past society, everybody should read this book.

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