Satkahon Novel Review

“Satkahon” is written by the famous Indian writer Somoresh Majumdar. By this novel, the writer became famous to the literature lover. In this novel, he portrays a struggling women in 1950s.

The central character of the novel is Dipaboli Bandapadhya. She is a courageous and independent woman. But in the early of the novel she is a simple woman.

Some different situations and experiences make her very independent. She makes a struggle against the darkness of the society.

In this novel,the west Bengal tea garden,forest, angurvasa river are depicted by the writer very excellently.

Dipaboli is grown up with Amaranth’s family. She knows Anjali and Amaranth as her parents. But Dipaboli is Anjali’s sister’s daughter. After Dipaboli’s mother death, she is brought up her aunt’s family.

She is also brought up with the same carefulness as their own child. Day by day, Dipaboli grows up with her friends, Bishu and khokhon. But as a woman, a marriage proposal comes to Amaranth .

With the permission of the other family members, Dipaboli is married off. But Dipaboli finds out that her husband is a man of bad health. He will die suddenly at any time.

For putting the family inheritance, Dipaboli’s father-in-law does his son marry off. At the first night,Dipaboli’s husband becomes very sick and he is hospitalised.

Dipaboli is informed that her husband will died of. She, with the help of maid servant, flees up to Amarnath’s house. The next day of her marriag, her husband dies of. She becomes widow.

According to hindu religion, she Maintains widow rituals with the force of her grandmother. She starts a new type of life. She losses her early desperate life.

With the help of Sattasadhaon master, she re-starts het study. Being very attentive her study,she has passed Secondary exam very successfully. Then she comes to Jolpaiguri and starts her College life.

She introduces many of friends in college. The wirter very eloquently describes novel. Many important story depicts in the novel which represents the society.

Amarnath meets with Dipaboli’s father in law and he offers money for Dipaboli’s next life. Amarnath accepts the money. Dipaboli gets money from AmarNath without knowing the source.

But, when she knows the fact of money,she refuses to get it. But her study’s purpose, she accepts it in the condition of returning the money. When her father in law died of, the all property’s belongs to Dipaboli according to law.

Dipaboli accepts it but she doesn’t spend her own necessity. She donates all the money for social welfare. In many times she needs of money,she leads a miserable life but doesn’t compromise with anybody.

When she breaks up relation with her family,she spends her days alone. But her sufferings doesn’t know anybody. She completes her study and gets a job. She also does not compromise in her job sector.

At last, she resigned from her job. Then she came back Kolkata and prepares helself for next Govt. exam. She gets the job for her hard study. Then she married off. But her marriage life doesn’t go well.

At last she lives a single life with her grandmothe, Monoroma. Throughout the novel,we see a struggling woman who doesn’t compromise dishonest subject.

For gaining woman independence she tries her best. The writer of the novel portrays women’s hopes,desires and struggling bright life very efficiently. Every literature lover and woman should read this book to know Dipaboli’s life.

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