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Paradoxical Sajid PDF Download by Arif Azad

Paradoxical Sajid PDF Download by Arif Azad. Paradoxical Sajid is one of the most famous books at present. It is written by Arif Azad who is a well-known writer at this time because of this book. Here various aspects of Islam have been discussed which have been able to easily grab the attention of the new generation. Paradoxical Sajid is one of the most discussed and critically acclaimed Islamic books in Bangladesh.

First Paradoxical Sajid has been published in the AMAR EKUSHE BOOK FAIR in February in 2017. The cover of the book unveiled on February 9, 2017. The book has been published on the banner of The Guardian Publications. After the publishing of the book it became the best seller book on the year in a few days.

The book is about a young man name Sajid. He is the central character of the book. There is another character who is the writer himself. Sajid is the friend and roommate of the writer who is a pre believer of Islam. At the beginning of the story, we can find that Sajid is skeptic about the Islamic beliefs.

At the last stage of the extensive debate over the existence and non-existence of the Allah, Sajid has been seen That Sajid has regained faith in his Creator and in Islam. After that believer Sajid, in one story after another, the try to reveal his Islamic faith to various curious people.

He tries to dispel the doubts of those people who have doubts about Islam and the Creator through his information and reasoning. There are so many short stories where we can find that he is trying to There are many short stories where we see Sajid trying to disprove the various misconceptions about Islam that are prevalent in our society with others and try to establish the truth about Islam.

Sometimes He argues with friends, sometimes with his teacher and sometimes with his elders.

So, we can see that Sajid is a character who wants to establish the right idea about Islam through argument.

Paradoxical Sajid PDF Download

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