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Paradoxical Sajid 2 PDF Download by Arif Azad

Paradoxical Sajid 2 PDF Download by Arif Azad’. Paradoxical Sajid 2 is the second part of the Paradoxical Sajib written by the same writer Arif Azad who is now quite famous because of the books. In this book the writer once again, have discussed various aspects of Islam which easily grab the attention of the new generation. Paradoxical Sajid 2 also is one of the most discussed and critically acclaimed Islamic books in Bangladesh.

Paradoxical Sajid 2 has been published in the AMAR EKUSHE BOOK FAIR in February in 2019. The book has been published on the banner of The Guardian Publications too. It also became the best seller book on the year but due to some official complications, the book was banned within a few days of its publication. Shortly afterwards, the book was allowed to be republished.

Once again, the central character of the book is Sajid who is a student of Microbiology in Dhaka University. The writer Arif Azad is his friend and roommate. As we saw that Sajid use to argue with everyone against the false information about Islam spread all over the society.

Sajid ever explains to his teacher Mofizur Rahman why the creator is not controversial on the issue of ‘fate’. Sajid shows evidence in the conclusion of the argument that although the Creator is praised for good deeds, he is not responsible for bad deeds of the people.

He proved to Biplob who is like an elder brother to him, that the modern scientific term ‘quantum’ mechanics can in no way disprove the existence of the Creator. He further demonstrates why the Creator, in spite of being merciful, created terrible things like Hell. He also proved that in no way is any verse of the Quran support ‘terrorism’ to another one name Nilu, who is also like a big brother to him.

Sajid is seen as an experienced speaker, rationalist and realist in presenting the virtues, correctness and authenticity of Islam, in different places, in different contexts.

Paradoxical Sajid 2 PDF Download

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