Nakshi Kanthar Math PDF Download by Jasimuddin

Nakshi Kanthar Math PDF Download by Jasimuddin. Nakshi Kathar Math is one kind of romantic verse which is a tragic folk tale written by poet Jasimuddin. This verse translated into many different languages. It’s an eternal creation of Jasimuddin. In this verse he describe two rural man’s love story.

Some crucial information about the novel are given below :

Novel Name : Nakshi Kathar Math

Bengali Name : নকশি কাঁথার মাঠ

English Interpretations : The field of the Embroidered Quilt ( in 1928)

Genre : Romantic verse

Author : Jasimuddin

Language : Bengali

Published in : 1929

Now let’s discuss the major characters of this novel :

  1. a) Rupai
  2. b) Saju

Story in Brief

Nakshi Kathar Math is a romantic verse where the writer describe two ruler man’s Rupai & Saju’s love story. Rupai is a peasant. He is very simple, strong & a skilled worker. He loves a girl her name is Saju who lives in his neighbouring village. Finally they got married & started a happy life.

One moonlit night a man came & told Rupai that some peasant of another village destroy his crops. After this quarrel & fight some peasant are dead that’s why Rupai leave the village & flees far way. Saju become alone. She waits for her husband.

Many days passed but Rupai doesn’t come. Then Saju started to prepare a Nakshi Katha where she types all the incidents & her sorrows. After making it she give it to her mother and told her to cover her grave with the Nakshi Katha after her death.

Finally Saju died & her mother do so. After some days villagers find a man who lying dead on the grave & the Nakshi Katha is in his hands. The villagers considered him as Rupai. From that day the field known as Nakshi Kathar Math.

Nakshi Kanthar Math PDF Download

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