Merchant of Venice Bangla PDF Download by William Shakespeare

Merchant of Venice PDF Download by William Shakespeare.

Shakespeare is one of the best dramatist of his time. He mainly famous for his playwright. He wrote many  playwrights among them one of his best playwright is Merchant of Venice.

In this play he shows a communal conflict between the Christianity and Judaism. He did a great literary work in his drama. He present a jew as a villain & the Christians are shown as great & noble.

Let’s get some important information about the drama :

Book Name : Merchant Of Venice

Author : Shakespeare

Genre : Tragicomedy

Language : English

Written about : 1596-97

Publish in : 1600

Let’s know the main characters of this novel :

  1. a) Antonio
  2. b) Shylock
  3. c) Basanio
  4. d) Portia
  5. e) Jessica
  6. f) Lorenza & many more.

Story in Brief

Once upon a time a merchandise named Antonio lives in Venice. He belongs to Christian religion. He is very good & sympathetic person. If anyone came to him for help he never refused them that’s why everyone loves him a lot. On the other hand there lived also a business man named Shylock.

He is totally opposite from Antonio. He is a jew, he is very greedy, cruel & selfish. He does usury business & never missed any chance to suffer helpless people. So people hate him. Shylock hates Antonio because of his popularity & wealth. He also hates Christian.

One day Shylock’s daughter named Jessica ran away with a boy named Lorenza who belongs to Christian religion & he is son of Antonio’s friend. That’s why Shylock wants to take revenge from Christians mainly from Antonio. Antonio has a closest friend named Basanio. O

ne day he came to him & told him that he loves a girl named Portia. She is very beautiful & rich. She is getting married. Because of money he can’t proposed her. So he badly need of money. Antonio understand his situation but he hasn’t enough money that time.

Because his ship are not returned yet. He has nothing to do. Then he told Basanio that he takes money from Shylock with the reference of Antonio. Shylock become very happy because he doesn’t miss the chance to take revenge.

So he gave the money with a condition & that was if they can’t repaid the money till the deadline then Shylock may take a pound of Antonio’s flesh. Basanio was not ready to accept the condition but Antonio gives him courage that he will repaid the money when his ship will return before the deadline.

So he went to Portia’s kingdom. There he faces many problems but finally got married with Portia. They passing their life happily. One day a letter came to Basanio & it’s belongs to Antonio. He written that his ships are lost in the sea because of storm & he failed to repay the money that’s why Shylock filed a case against him. After hearing that Portia told him to go quickly.

Portia also go there after his leaving as a gent lawyer. The judge start the case he was also against the condition so he told Shylock that he can forgive him & take the money. But he refused that & give the sake of law. When Shylock ready to take the flesh that time Portia entered the courtroom & said that Shylock can take the flesh but there is a condition he can take the flesh not the blood & flesh have to be one pound not more or less than it.

Shylock get into dilemma. Then he ready to take the money but they refused to back it. Then he get punished for make such a plan to killed a man. Antonio thanked the lawyer & wants to give her fees but she refused to take but they insist he wants to take the ring of Basanio.

He felt bad to give that because it was his wife gift. But he gave it for the sake of his friend. When they return home Portia asked him about the ring & explain all the story. Then Portia gives him the ring back. Basanio getting shocked & asked her where  she get this. Then Portia laughed at him loudly.

Such an amazing end made the drama more attractive. The writer present the story  in order to depict the real picture of his time.

Merchant of Venice PDF Download

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