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Ekattorer Dinguli PDF Download by Jahanara Imam. “Ekattorer dinguli” is written by Bangladeshi non-fiction writer Jahanara Imam. She is called “martyred mother”. This book is basically written on our liberation war. It’s a day diary of Jahana Imam. The writer wrote full description of Liberation war in this book. The book is published in February 1986. The Auto biographical book is published by Sondhani Prokashoni.

 Ekattorer Dingulee means the days of 1971. It’s an autobiography based on liberation war of Bangladesh. It’s a novel written by Jahanara Imam who is a mother of a martyr. In this novel she inscribed the nine months of the war sharply.

Now get some important information about the novel

Book Name : Ekattorer Dingulee

Author : Jahanara Imam

Translator : Mustafizur Rahman

Category : Liberation War based novel

Genre : Non-fiction

Language : Bengali

Publish in : 1986

Publishers : Sandhani Prakashani & Charulipi Prakashani

ISBN : 9844800005

Let’s discuss the main characters of this novel

i) Jahanara Imam

ii) Sarif Imam

iii) Rumi

iv) Jami & many more

Story in Brief

Ekattorer Dingulee this book resolves around the lives of Jahanara Imam’s family, friends & also around Dhaka through the days of war. Many people do many sacrifices during this war. Jahanara is an example of millions sacrifices Bangalis have done. She lost her husband & her son in this war.

When she started to write this novel it was march 1971. Jahanara Imam stay with his husband Sarif, two sons Rumi & Jami &  her father in law in a small house at elephant road named kanika. They all stay together with full of happiness but this happiness is not for everlasting.

Rumi who is the 1st son of her he is a brilliant student. His character was very unique. He wants to complete his study from abroad. But when he is ready to go he can’t because the war is started. A person who loves his country can’t refuse to save his motherland. So he decided to participate in war.

Because he is also a patriot. He told his mother that he wants to do something for his country. She was not ready to give him permission but at last she make herself convinced & she sacrifice her son for the country. So he left the house & join Mukti Bahini to take training. He faces many problems.

One day he back to his home. But one night the military came to his home they took his father ,his brother & him with them to ask some question but Rumi is clever he answered them very smartly. That day they free them. But after some days later they came at a dark night to took him with them.

That time Yeahia khan was the ruler. He asked them that if he wants mercy from them then they will free him. But Rumi’s family refused to do so. From that day they don’t get any news of him, they don’t know is he alive or not, where he is if he is dead then where is his body.

They realized they lost their son. During this war Jahanara do many things for the fighters. She provide them food medicine sometimes she gave them shelter. Before victory Sarif Imam became sick lack of medicine & proper treatment because of war he passed away.

She lost not only her son but also her husband. She is such a brave women. She is not a martyr mother of Rumi she is a mother of all freedom fighters who sacrifice their life for the country.

Ekattorer Dinguli Summary

Jahana Imam lives with her two sons, husband and blind father in law. Her husband Sharif Imam is an engineer. As a free minded and frankly members of the family, many guests visits their house. They also visit their guests’ house.

In 1971, on 7th march, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman gave an important speech for the Bengali people for their independence. On 25 March, the Pakistani army killed the Bengali people under the direction of President Yahiya.

A lots number of dead body is laid among Dhaka city. After some days, the guerrilla attacked against the Pakistani army. Many young people went to the “Melaghor”   took training and fought against the army. To see that, the eldest son of Jahanara Imam Safi Imam Rumi took permission for going to melaghor.

Jahanara Imam became confused about the matter. After a few months, he will go to abroad for study. But in that situation, he wanted to be a freedom fighter. At last, she gave permission for going to melaghor for country’s purpose.  In the first phase, Rumi came back without taking training. 

After a few days, he went to the melaghor. He took guerrilla training. After training when he came back his home, he is totally changed. He stayed his house, but didn’t told about what he to do in the town. Their main target was to blast the siddhirgonj power station. But they couldn’t blast it. 

Among the days, Rumi and other fighters made some operation against the Pakistani army. But their luck couldn’t favor them. In 29 August, the Pakistani army rated in their house and arrested Rum, Jam, Shorif and a guest. The army also arrested Aza, Bodi, Altab Mahmud, and Abdul Halim Chowdhury Jewel and so on.

After interrogation, the chief of army, Mr Kaiyum relieved them without Rumi. They forced Rumi for enclose their next operation and other freedom fighters name.  Rumi tolerated all type of punishment of army, but didn’t enclose the fact. Jahanara Imam became depressed for her son.

The army also tortured others member of her family. Days was passed away, but Rumi didn’t came back. Actually he was died by the army. After two months, a bull story is came out that, Major Khaled Mossarraf has died of. All the freedom fighters became hopeless and depressed.

But the real fact that, khaled Mossarraf was injured. On the other hand, the freedom fighter occurred many operation and became successful. Many fighters came to Dhaka. The air fight started and the fighters achieved success. Another bad news was Sharif was died of on 14 December.

On 16 December major Niyaji surrendered with ninety thousands Pak army and Bangladesh became independent. Amon the nine months of Liberation war Jahanara Imam and Sharif Imam helped the freedom fighter by providing food, clothes, shelter, money etc.

The family used to help the fighters to gain independence. On seventeenth December Major k.M. Haidar visited Rumi’s house and offered job as a bodyguard of Haidar to Jami and Jami’s friend Ali. By this book, we all know the real fact in the time of Liberation war. According to me, this is the best book on Liberation war. Every literature lover and students should read this golden book.

Ekattorer Dinguli PDF Download

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